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Risk and Critical Control Management

At Orana Skills Centre, we specialise in critical control management, offering a suite of services designed to ensure the effective implementation and assurance of critical controls that actively manage your risks.


Our expertise includes:

  • Principal Hazard Management Plans: Development and implementation of comprehensive plans to manage principal hazards effectively.

  • Operational Hazard Risk Assessments and Risk Bowtie Analysis: Conducting thorough risk assessments to identify and evaluate hazards.

  • Selection and Development of Critical Controls: Identifying and developing the most effective critical controls to mitigate identified risks.

  • Critical Control Design Specifications: Providing detailed design specifications to ensure the effective implementation of critical controls.

  • Critical Control Verification and Assurance Programs: Establishing robust assurance programs to assess critical control failure modes and verify their effectiveness within the scope of the risk assessment.

  • Critical Control Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Provide tools and resources to adequately monitor performance of critical controls, including reporting, escalation and communication requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team of specialists are committed to promoting safety and health through effective risk and control management programs. We provide tailored solutions that align with the latest legislative requirements and industry best practices. Our focus on principal hazard management, combined with our robust assurance programs, ensures that our clients can effectively manage and mitigate the most serious risks in their operations, in any industry, anywhere in the world. If your organisation is looking to buy industry standard, compliant critical control management tools that have been developed by subject matter experts, we have the resources ready to be implemented in your business as soon as you are ready! We'll provide guidance on how to implement your new critical control management system and integrate it into your current safety management systems and processes. 


Our resources are aligned to and guided by:

What is Included in Your Hazard Package?

What is included in the full package for each selected hazard:

  • All documentation branded with your company logo

  • All documentation utilising your company risk matrix, if required

  • Risk and Control Management Training Presentation (PPT) - used for training and education for your workforce

  • Baseline Risk Assessment (Excel)

  • Risk Bowtie Analysis (PDF, Word) - visual representation of the baseline risk assessment

  • Critical Control Selection - included in baseline risk assessment and risk bowtie analysis

  • Critical Control Performance Standard for each critical control (Word)

  • Crticial Control Verification (CCV) Checklists / Questionnaires for each critical control (Word)

  • Critical Control Assurance Plan (Word) - scheduling tool and assurance calendar

  • Critical Control Performance Report (Excel) - used to track and report verifiation activities and results

  • Implementation Guide (Word) - guidance on how to implement your critical controls into your current Health and Safety Management System, including consultation with workers, selection of risk and control owners, review and approval of documentation, in-field verification activities, recording, reporting and communicating results

In response to the newly introduced Resources Safety and Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 in Queensland, Orana Skills Centre is proud to offer comprehensive services specialising in critical control management. This legislative amendment emphasises the importance of integrating critical controls into the safety and health management systems (SHMSs) for coal mines, metalliferous mines, and quarries. These critical controls are designed to address the most serious risks, ensuring a safer working environment within the resources sector.

Key Highlights of the Amendment Bill

The Resources Safety and Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 aims to:

  • Emphasise Critical Controls: Focus on implementing controls that mitigate the most serious risks, known as critical controls.

  • Incorporate Critical Controls into SHMSs: Mandate the integration of these controls into the safety and health management systems for coal mines, metalliferous mines, and quarries.

  • Strengthen Competency: Enhance the competency of individuals in specific key safety-critical roles within coal mines.

  • Reduce Fatalities and Serious Accidents: Promote overall safety and health by aiming to reduce the incidence of fatalities and serious accidents in the resources sector.

Please use the form below to formally request a no obligation quote. You will recieve your quote via email. Once you accept your quote, you will be sent an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, documentation will be sent your email address. Ongoing support by our team is provided during your implementation period. Please also see our courses in risk and critical control management.

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