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Nexus of Prevention: Integrating ICAM and Risk Management for Organisational Resilience
Nexus of Prevention: Integrating ICAM and Risk Management for Organisational Resilience

Fri, 05 Apr


Orana Skills Centre

Nexus of Prevention: Integrating ICAM and Risk Management for Organisational Resilience

Unlock the secrets to robust risk management and incident prevention with our exclusive, expert-led course, where we turn risk into resilience and assurance into action

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Time and Location

05 Apr 2024, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Orana Skills Centre, 9-11 White St, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia

About the course

Unlock the power of integrated risk management with our cutting-edge course, where you'll dive deep into the nexus of incident investigation (ICAM) methodologies and comprehensive risk management frameworks. Discover how to transform insights from incident investigations into actionable strategies that informs your risk control frameworks, ensuring not just a reactive approach but a proactive stance on preventing future incidents. By leveraging these critical learnings, you'll be equipped to drive sustainable, long-term success in your organisation's risk management practices, fostering a culture of safety and resilience. Join us to step beyond conventional boundaries and embrace a holistic approach to risk prevention and strategic incident response.

Nexus of prevention strategies focus on the central or connecting point where incident investigation (ICAM) methodologies and risk management frameworks intersect and come together. It signifies the crucial link or interface where insights from incident investigations are integrated with risk management strategies to enhance organisational safety and prevent future incidents. Essentially, it highlights the pivotal role this connection plays in fostering a comprehensive approach to managing and mitigating risks effectively.

Explore and workshop emerging risks, including psychosocial hazards, in our course to practically apply the nexus of prevention strategies, empowering you to leave with actionable plans you can immediately implement in your organisation.

Program Agenda:

  • Risk management methadologies (Bowtie)
  • Identification and management of controls
  • Control effectiveness
  • Risk controls informing investigations 
  • Safety management framework overview
  • Incident investigation methadologies (ICAM)
  • Root cause and contributing factors
  • Investigation findings informing risk controls
  • Learnings that contribute to sustainable, long-term success

Who Should Attend:

- Risk and Control Owners

- Risk Managers, Safety Managers, Risk and Safety Advisors

- Compliance Managers

- Operational Managers

- HR and Training Managers

- Project Managers

Secure your spot in this not-to-miss, exclusive event with limited availability—act now to join the elite few at our cutting-edge course, where tickets are selling fast and your opportunity to transform risk into resilience is just one step away!


This course is a complex, advanced program designed for professionals with skills, knowlege and experience in risk managment and incident investigation. To maximise the value you derive from our comprehensive program, the following prerequisites have been established:

  • Risk management and control management experience, including bowtie analysis and critical control management - these conepts form a cornerstone of our advanced discussions and workshops. 
  • Incident investigation experience, including ICAM methadologies - our content builds upon Safety Wise ICAM Investigation training and terminology and principals are integrated into this program.

We recommend these prerequisites to ensure all participants are on the same footing and can collectively advance their skills in a conducive, challenging, and enriching environment.

Whats Included:

Dive into a transformative learning experience with our uniquely designed course that stands out with its engaging, interactive workshops. Tailored to foster active participation and hands-on practice, these sessions encourage you to apply concepts in real-world scenarios, ensuring deep and lasting understanding.

What sets our course apart are the bespoke strategies, tools, and techniques that you won't find anywhere else. Developed through years of expert experience and refined insights, these proprietary resources are exclusively available to our participants.

You'll not only learn but also interact, experiment, and innovate using our custom-designed materials and approaches, enabling you to master incident prevention and risk management in ways that are both practical and pioneering.

Our course is not just an educational journey; it's an opportunity to equip yourself with unique methodologies and instruments that can transform the way you perceive and manage risk and safety within your organisation. Join us to gain that competitive edge and become a vanguard of risk management and incident prevention.

Your registration includes:

  • Gourmet Refreshments: Enjoy morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea prepared to cater to a variety of dietary preferences, ensuring you stay energised and focused throughout the day.
  • Beverages on Demand: Unlimited access to tea, coffee, and an assortment of refreshments to keep you hydrated and comfortable.
  • Exclusive Workshop Resources: Receive a curated package of workshop materials designed to enhance your learning experience and provide you with valuable tools and insights to apply in your professional context.
  • Continued Support and Coaching: Benefit from ongoing, specialised support and coaching after the course, guiding you as you implement what you've learned and embark on your transformational journey toward advanced risk management and incident prevention.

Course Location:

Nexus of Prevention: Integrating ICAM and Risk Management for Organisational Resilience is exclusively delivered at our state-of-the-art training facility in Dubbo, NSW. This vibrant city is well-connected, offering daily flights for your convenience. Our training center's location on White Street is ideally situated close to various accommodations, restaurants, and shopping options, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all participants.

Additionally, if you decide to extend your visit over the weekend, you can explore the renowned Taronga Western Plains Zoo, a highlight of Dubbo that promises an unforgettable experience. Join us in Dubbo for a course that combines educational excellence with the charm and convenience of a prime location.

This premier course is exclusively delivered at our Dubbo venue, offering an unparalleled learning experience; however, organisations with six or more participants have the unique opportunity to request an in-house course, tailored to their team's needs and facilitated at their preferred location, subject to our facilitator's availability.

To ensure the highest satisfaction and alignment with our bespoke strategies, we recommend that a company representative attend the course at our Dubbo venue prior to arranging an in-house session. This attendance will provide a firsthand experience of our course's impact and allow for a tailored adaptation to your organisation's specific needs, ensuring confidence in the unique value and applicability of our strategies.

About Us:

At SRA Global Pty Ltd, operating under the esteemed banner of Orana Skills Centre, we are at the forefront of risk management, governance, assurance, and incident investigations. Our organisation is built on a foundation of over 25 years of profound expertise in work health and safety, enterprise risk, auditing, and training.

As seasoned experts in our field, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled professional services that stand the test of time and change. Our dedicated team, with its extensive experience and commitment to excellence, ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Join us at SRA Global Pty Ltd, where we turn risk into resilience and assurance into action, setting new standards in the industry and empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools for success.


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